North Carolina Pottery
Collectors' Guild

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Membership in the North Carolina Pottery Collectors Guild is open to all who have an interest in North Carolina pottery.  Traditional or contemporary pottery interests are welcome. 

Per Year:
Individual Membership:  $25.00
Additional Family Members: $5.00 each

Membership covers from January through December (partial year membership not available) and entitles the new member to the following:

Voting privileges at Guild business meetings.

You will receive emails pertaining to Guild events and interesting pottery events.

You will receive free copies of "Traditions In Clay", the publication of the Guild with research papers and photos of members work.

You will also be eligible to purchase one Guild annually commissioned pottery piece. These pieces, one per year, are commissioned by the Guild to be made by noted North Carolina potters.  The pieces are marked with the Guild seal and signed by the potter.

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